Bostonian harmonica, sax, piano and guitar playing former florists assist gets major label backing to bring you his eagerly awaited third full length album. Eli Reed donned his Grandfathers 'Newsboy' hat whilst cutting his soul infused teeth in the Mississippi Delta and so in true blues, and East End, fashion was immediately nicknamed Eli 'Paperboy' Reed.

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Mr Reed but have a certain attraction to all things pertaining to time travel, especially those with a teen bias and overt fondness for the period they capture, then Eli may be the man you've been waiting for. Should 'Peggy Sue Got Married', 'Quantum Leap', Back To The Future', or 'Happy Days' for that matter, light your candle, 'Come And Get It' will be sure to keep it alight.

In the same way that the public has warmed to the crooner and jazz cool of Jamie Cullum and Michael Buble then do not be surprised if Eli has the same effect with his distinctly Soul, Motown and R n' B flavoured throwback music. (Give him a couple of years and who knows he could be mentoring X-Factor hopefuls on a night celebrating 'Soul Sensations'). After being bowled over by his fathers 'Ray Charles Box Set', Eli set about mastering his craft, including a spell playing piano at a South-Side Church in the Windy City. Now still only in his mid twenties Eli has certainly come of age musically. A Mojo 'Best New Comer' nominee and recent BBC Radio 2 record of the week recipient it seems that the Paperboy is starting to deliver.

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