Elbow have got a busy year ahead of them as they announced a new album - following the platinum success of 'Build a Rocket Boys!' - as well as a string of UK tour dates.

The Brit rockers are just finishing up on their latest offering - which is yet to have a name - and bassist Pete Turner has told XFM to expect something a little more 'experimental' than 2011's 'Build a Rocket Boys!' or 2008's rip-roaring 'The Seldom Seen Kid'. 'We've let the songs breathe so there's quite a few songs that are quite long because we wanted to let them go where they needed to go', he explains.

Unfortunately, there's quite a bit to wait yet with a release date of March 10th 2014, though Pete has worried us by admitting that the finishing touches could take longer than planned. 'It's tweaks and then mixing and then we'll be finished in probably a month and a half or something', he says. 'That's the plan. In fact that has to happen. We need that, our band needs that sometimes, we need deadlines 'cause we could just carry on forever.' 

Not something we're happy about hearing but we'll sure it'll be worth the wait if it's anything like their previous records. The band will also spend a month touring in April 2014, kicking off at Birmingham's LG Arena on April 5th, as well as releasing a new live DVD entitled 'Live At Jodrell Bank'.

Elbow live in London
Elbow will perform around the UK in April

Elbow at Manchester Cathedral
Elbow's sixth album will no doubt prove as popular as their last