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What If Review


With his first romantic-comedy, Daniel Radcliffe proves adept at delivering snappy dialogue and generating strong chemistry with his costars, so it's frustrating that the film is never remotely believable. Director Michael Dowse and writer Elan Mastai find some cleverly original angles on the genre, but never seem sure whether this is silly slapstick or darker black comedy. They also indulge in several appallingly corny plot points that would only happen like this if they were written by a screenwriter.

Radcliffe plays Wallace, a British guy living in Toronto. After a bad break-up he has dropped out of med school and let his life drift aimlessly, but now his best pal Allan (Adam Driver) is tired of his moping around. So he introduces Wallace to his cousin Chantry (Zoe Kazan), and the two hit it off. The problem is that Chantry has a lovely boyfriend, Ben (Rafe Spall), so just wants to be friends. Wallace is smitten but pretends that this is fine. And this causes a serious problem as they get to know each other over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Allan has his own fast-moving relationship with Nicole (Mackenzie Davis), and he urges Wallace to make a move when Ben is transferred to Dublin for six months. The question is whether Chantry feels the same way about him.

Dowse has always been good at finding the sharper edges of humour in any scene (see Fubar or Goon), but this film has a squishy sentimental centre that threatens to undo it at every turn. There are also several goofy moments that strain credibility, such as when Wallace and Chantry are forced to share a sleeping bag naked. Meanwhile, the characters are so perky that they're somewhat exhausting. The actors seem to be trying desperately to make us like them in every scene, and sometimes this works simply because they are genuinely engaging. But the best moments are when Radcliffe hesitates awkwardly or explores the darker side of his longing, or when Kazan reveals the doubt behind her super-cute eyes.

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Daniel Radcliffe Signs Up For Romantic Comedy F Word

Daniel Radcliffe Elan Mastai Harry Potter Joss Whedon Michael Dowse The Script Zoe Kazan

Daniel Radcliffe has signed up for romantic comedy 'F Word'.

The 'Woman in Black' actor will star opposite US actress Zoe Kazan - who stars in 2007 comedy drama 'The Savages' and Joss Whedon's latest project 'In Your Eyes' - with 'Goon' helmer Michael Dowse in line to direct the motion picture.

The film tells the story of a pair of twentysomethings - Wallace (Daniel) and Chantry (Zoe) - who hit it off after meeting at a party, but they are forced to keep their relationship platonic and decide to just be friends because Zoe's alter-ego has a long-term boyfriend.

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Fury [aka The Samaritan] Review

Set in Toronto, this noir thriller gets under the skin due to layered performances from the entire cast. It's a slow build until the final act, but it remains gripping thanks to a snaky plot that gets nastier and scarier as it develops.

After 25 years in prison, con-artist Foley (Jackson) decides to change his life. All his old friends are gone, and his best pal's son Ethan (Kirby) now works for vicious businessman Xavier (Wilkinson). But Ethan brings back the issues Foley is trying to put behind him. Worse, Ethan needs Foley's help for a "samaritan" grift, which involves coming to the aid of the mark to win his trust. Then Foley meets vulnerable young call-girl Iris (Negga), who manages to get under his skin.

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Samuel L. Jackson Joins The Samaritan

Luke Kirby Elan Mastai Leslie Bibb Luke Wilson The Avengers

Samuel L. Jackson has signed up to star in thriller 'The Samaritan'.

The 'Snakes on a Plane' star will play a former trickster who decides to change his life following a 20 year stay in prison in the David Weaver-directed project.

However, problems arise when he is asked to help the son of his former partner in crime.

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Alone In The Dark Review

In October 2003, Uwe Boll directed House of the Dead, easily one of the worst movies I've seen in the last five years. Fewer than two years later, Boll brings us Alone in the Dark, with a cast of recognizable, albeit fading stars (Tara Reid, Christian Slater, Stephen Dorff), and a nationwide release.

This is like getting a promotion after setting the boss's desk on fire. How does this happen?

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Slater To Make Film About Affleck's Strip Exploits?

Ben Affleck Christian Slater Jennifer Lopez Elan Mastai

Hollywood hunks Ben Affleck and Christian Slater's antics at a Canadian stripclub last summer (03) are reportedly being made into a new movie.

According to American gossip site THE SCOOP, TRUE ROMANCE star Slater plans to make a film based on the events which some tabloids say contributed to Affleck's split from ex-fiance Jennifer Lopez.

The pair were spotted at BRANDI'S EXOTIC NIGHTCLUB in Vancouver, leading to a media frenzy as to why Affleck - then engaged to J.Lo - was there.

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