Musical theatre star Elaine Paige has recalled her terror after a mystery stalker threatened to kill her.

The British actress rose to fame when she was cast in hit musical Evita in 1978 but the dream role also brought unwanted attention from one obsessive fan, who bombarded her with letters in 1980.

Paige eventually called in police to protect her while she was performing in the stage show.

She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "It was towards the end of my run in Evita. This guy started writing letters saying he wanted to meet... Of course I didn't reply.

"From then they started to get a bit darker. It was really unpleasant and in the end he threatened my life and the police had to be called in. I had to be escorted to and from the theatre and the police would check the doors and the people coming in.

"It was very frightening. I'd go out on stage every night and think, 'This could be it, he could be sitting out there and just go 'Bang!' you know... But I just thought: 'The show must go on' and I had to have faith the police would protect me."