Earlier this week it looked as though Liam Hemsworth's relationship with Miley Cyrus had finally bitten the dust after the actor was spotted out in Las Vegas with Latino telenovela-star and singer Eiza González shortly after unfollowing the singer on Twitter. According to E! News, Eliza was visiting Vegas with friends and her run-in with Liam was purely coincidental, however the ensuing partying and their sighting back in Los Angeles went without explanation.

Liam HemsworthMiley Cyrus
Liam and Miley ended things for good a few days ago

"Eiza is a real family girl and a good friend," the source told E! - going on to add that she and Hemsworth "just met" inVegas and had no prior arrangements to meet up. The source added, "They were there separately. She was there with some friends."

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