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Tokyo Gore Police Review

Very Good
A man's bitten-off penis turns into a cannon that he uses to shoot cops. Seriously -- this happens in one scene of Tokyo Gore Police. And it just gets worse. Remember the horrible nightmare you had after eating that funky brownie that one night? It's kind of like that -- on screen.

Japanese gore doesn't get more over-the-top and perverse than this. In my review of The Machine Girl (which happens to be made by the same team as Police), I mentioned there was enough blood spraying in the movie to fill a swimming pool. In Police, there's enough blood to fill the Grand Canyon. There's one pretty messed up scene where police officers tie a woman's arms and legs to the bumpers of their SUVs, and they each hit the gas and yank her apart. Jesus Christ.

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Audition Review

Starting right with its cover shot of demure Japanese model Eihi Shiina wearing a chemical-safe, black rubber glove and clutching an enormous syringe, we know we're in for something extremely wrong with Takashi Miike's Audition.

And in a way, that's the problem. Audition starts out as the sweetest little love tragedy you can imagine. Poor Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi) is nursing his wife during her final hours on her deathbed. She passes away and he's left to raise their son alone. Years later, he has finally gotten over the loss of his wife and consults his friend on how a widower finds a girl these days. The friend proposes a clever idea: Hold an audition for a movie that will never be made. Ask the girls whatever you want, then pick and choose the perfect one for a wife.

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Audition (Odishon) Review


The main character in "Audition" is a shy, middle-aged Japanese widower who taps a movie-making buddy to help him find a new wife now that his son is a teenager with a life of his own and little interest in hanging around with dad.

His friend arranges for Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi) to pretend to be a producer and sit in on phony screen tests of wannabe actresses that might strike our hero's fancy. He hopes to hit it off with one of them, then string her along with little white lies about delayed casting decisions, hoping she'll become more interested in him than the movie. (This plot would never work if the film were set in Hollywood!)

When pretty, very demure Asami (fashion model Eihi Shiina in her film debut) takes the bait then later confesses she doesn't really want to be an actress, Aoyama falls in love and seems to think he's landed in a quaint little romantic comedy.

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Eihi Shiina

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Audition (Odishon) Movie Review

Audition (Odishon) Movie Review

The main character in "Audition" is a shy, middle-aged Japanese widower who taps a movie-making...

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