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Picture - Edwin Hodge - Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff:... Los Angeles California United States, Thursday 26th March 2015

Edwin Hodge - Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff: Bellus Magazine Launch Party - Arrivals at The Blind Dragon West Hollywood CA - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 26th March 2015

Edwin Hodge

Picture - Aldis Hodge and Edwin Hodge... Los Angeles California United States, Wednesday 24th December 2014

Aldis Hodge and Edwin Hodge - A variety of stars were on hand to help out at the Los Angeles Mission Christmas Eve Event in aid of Skid Row Homeless in Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 24th December 2014

Aldis Hodge and Edwin Hodge
Aldis Hodge and Edwin Hodge
Aldis Hodge and Edwin Hodge
Aldis Hodge and Edwin Hodge

As Above, So Below Trailer

Scarlett Marlowe is an urban archaeologist studying in Paris where she and her two friends hope to discover a secret chamber beneath the city containing a crucial piece of history. In order to find it, they decide to go through the miles of tunnels holding the Catacombs of Paris; 330 year old underground ossuaries holding the skeletal remains of six million people. However, after an accident leaves them trapped far below the streets, they start to realise that these tombs hold a lot more secrets than they originally thought when ghosts of their pasts start materialising before them; objects from their childhood, phantom people and their real inner demons. They also come across an ancient stone bearing, according to mythology, the inscription of the Gates of Hell, and they start to wonder if that's really where they've ended up.

'As Above, So Below' is a terrifying found footage horror directed by John Erick Dowdle ('Devil', 'Quarantine', 'The Poughkeepsie Tapes') who was also the co-writer alongside his brother and frequent collborator Drew Dowdle. It's a fictional tale based on the real Catacombs of Paris that have long been creeping out unwary tourists. The movie is scheduled for release in UK cinemas on August 15th 2014.


The Purge: Anarchy - Teaser Trailer

Following the disastrous events in 2013's 'The Purge' which saw a home security salesman murdered in his so-called fortress of a family home, that time of year has come round again and, for another couple, things are going to get even grislier. The pair are cutting it fine as they drive home in the evening ahead of the 12 hour annual Purge, a period in which all crimes become legal (including theft, rape and murder) and emergency services are momentarily stopped. They are confident they can get home in time to lock themselves away once again. until their car unexpectedly breaks down. The sirens blare signalling the beginning of the Purge and the couple find themselves running for lives as some masked Purgers on motorcycles chase them down. Across the rest of the city, total anarchy ensues as the country gets caught up in a patriotic, bloodthirsty fever.

'The Purge: Anarchy' is the grim sequel to 2013 horror 'The Purge' which sees the return of director and screenwriter James DeMonaco ('Little New York'). It's a dystopian thriller about the lengths governments may go to solve national issues (such as population control) and it is set to be released this summer on June 20th 2014.

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All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Trailer

Mandy Lane is a beautiful teenage girl at a Texas high school known by everyone as the most untouchable female in the school. When she is invited to one boy Red's ranch party along with couple Jake and Marlin, Red's girlfriend Chloe, ranch hand Garth and the only person who seems to be in with a chance of seducing Mandy, Bird, it becomes a competition among the boys to see who can win her affections and, subsequently, her virginity over the course of the booze-fuelled night. However, one person's desires seem to exceed everyone else's as one by one the party guests are brutally murdered and Mandy is left fearing for her own life when the killer makes his presence known inside the house. Things take a dramatic turn when the killer reveals his identity and the survivors are forced to make a daring escape attempt.

This mystery horror is a nail-biting gore-fest starring Amber Heard that is finally due for release in the US after being shelved since 2006. It has been directed by Jonathan Levine ('Warm Bodies', 'The Wackness', '50/50') and written by Jacob Forman in his screenplay debut. It will appear on demand this Autumn and in selected cinemas on October 11th 2013.


Picture - Edwin Hodge - The 5th... Los Angeles California United States, Friday 9th August 2013

Edwin Hodge - The 5th Annual Nike Basketball 3ON3 Tournament presented by NBC4 Southern California - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 9th August 2013

The Purge Review


A home-invasion thriller with a twist, this fiercely clever film is both thought-provoking and terrifying, mixing a Twilight Zone sense of morality with skilfully developed menace and genuinely horrific violence. It also boasts a cast that is terrific at keeping us guessing, shading their characters in such a way that, even if we know who's supposed to be the good and bad guys, we keep wondering if we've got it right.

The story takes place in 2022 America, which has solved its economic woes with Purge Night, a free-for-all in which people have 12 hours to commit any crime, including murder, to cleanse the streets and vent their frustration. The goal is to eliminate poverty and unemployment by killing off all the homeless and jobless people. And it's worked a charm, especially for security system salesman James (Hawke), who locks down inside his palatial home with wife Mary (Headey), rebellious teen daughter Zoey (Adelaide Kane) and shy gadget-whiz son Charlie (Burkholder). But two interlopers get into the house: Zoey's shady older boyfriend Henry (Oller) and a terrified stranger (Hodge) running from an angry mob of tenacious masked anarchists.

As the night progresses, James and Mary's world is ripped apart piece by piece, descending into a state of primal protectiveness that's eerily believable. If it's either kill or be killed, what would you do? Hawke and Headey are terrific as parents pushed to the brink, and sometimes over it, while Kane and Burkholder find surprising moments of their own. And as the smiling gang leader, Wakefield is seriously unsettling. So even if some of the plot's twists and turns are a bit predictable, the actors and filmmaker DeMonaco do a great job at delving beneath the surface to keep us squirming in our seats at both the nasty possibilities and some rather awful grisliness.

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Picture - Aldis Hodge and Edwin Hodge... Los Angeles California United States, Thursday 25th April 2013

Aldis Hodge and Edwin Hodge - 34th College Television Awards Gala at JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 25th April 2013

Picture - Edwin Hodge - Celebrities attend... Los Angeles CA United States, Thursday 18th April 2013

Edwin Hodge - Celebrities attend OK! Magazine's SO SEXY event at Skybar at The Mondrian Hotel - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Thursday 18th April 2013

Edwin Hodge

The Purge Trailer

During a time when the American Dream is available to everyone in a euphoric world where unemployment is at 1% and crime rates are the lowest they've ever been in the US, families everywhere are arming their homes to protect themselves against the impending mayhem. Why? Because the countdown has begun to the one night of the year when their peace ends, when every crime is legal from burglary to murder. It's called The Purge; an official 12-hour annual period that allows a release for the  population and keeps people out of prison as all emergency services are suspended. When one family board up their home and pray that they will be safe once more, things take a nasty turn when the son opens the doors to a frightened stranger and invites him to take refuge. The house is soon approached by a group of weapon wielding killers who offer them a chance of safety if they give up the stranger to them. The family soon find themselves challenging their own moral code as their true selves are revealed during their night of terror.

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Red Dawn Trailer

Jed Eckert is a marines soldier visiting his police officer father and football playing younger brother Matt. All seems well in their normal American town before the blackout. There is a sudden mass powercut across a large chunk of the country and before long, a squadron of aircrafts fill the sky with hundreds of North Korean soldiers parachuting from them. It's an invasion rendering the country powerless and under the threat of a powerful weapon that the Korean government has somehow obtained. Jed and Matt's father order them to hide out in a small cabin that they own in the wilderness; they do so and gather a group of likeminded teenagers along the way. Their father gets captured by the military forces while they hide and he uses a megaphone to bravely tell his sons to kill the soldiers holding him prisoner and he is subsequently shot and killed. The teenagers later find the cabin has been torched and Jed vows to fight back. The others join him and call themselves the Wolverines after their high school mascot. They make plans, along with experienced American soldiers, to steal back the weapon and win back their homeland.

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