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Pawn Sacrifice Trailer

Sometimes, the greatest conflicts and clash with smaller and internal conflicts in a major way. Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) is the greatest chess player in the United States, and he is desperate to seek out the greatest players in the world. The problem is, they happen to be Russian, and with the Cold War at its height, the American government steps in to inform him that his game will be used as propaganda. This sends him down a path of introspection, as the pressure of a simple chess match holds the weight of the Cold War upon his shoulders.

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Tribeca Film Festival Presents World Premiere of About Alex at BMCC

Jesse Zwick and Edward Zwick - Tribeca Film Festival Presents World Premiere of About Alex at BMCC - New York City, New York, United States - Thursday 17th April 2014

Edward Zwick

AFI Life Achievement Award

Edward Zwick - 41st AFI Life Achievement Award honoring Mel Brooks at Dolby Theatre - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 7th June 2013

Edward Zwick
Edward Zwick

Target Presents AFI Night At The Movies held at ArcLight Hollywood

Edward Zwick - Target Presents AFI Night At The Movies held at ArcLight Hollywood - Arrivals - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Wednesday 24th April 2013

Edward Zwick

Love & Other Drugs Review

This engaging film blends a true story with fiction, morphing from a rom-com into a moving drama as it goes along. In addition, it's a sharply well-aimed jab at the pharmaceutical world. Although it also has a tendency to be cute and fluffy, even when the plot turns serious.

In 1996, Jamie (Gyllenhaal) has discovered his gift as a salesman, mainly peddling his own charms to every young woman he meets. In need of a higher-paying job, he trains as a Pfizer pharmaceutical rep in the Ohio River Valley. It takes awhile to learn the ropes, and sales are tough due to a fierce rival (Macht). But when Pfizer introduces Viagra, his numbers improve dramatically, to say the least. Meanwhile, he meets Maggie (Hathaway), a feisty young woman with early-stage Parkinson's who challenges his view of himself.

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World Premiere of Love & Other Drugs at AFI Fest 2010 Opening Night Gala held at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Edward Zwick and AFI - Director Edward Zwick Hollywood, California - World Premiere of Love & Other Drugs at AFI Fest 2010 Opening Night Gala held at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre Thursday 4th November 2010

Love And Other Drugs Trailer

Jamie is the kind of guy who doesn't like commitment, sex and fun are the main things he looks for from the opposite sex and he enjoys his current way of life. A pharmaceutical salesman by trade, his job is another hugely important part of his life, when his company begin to sell a new male performance enhancing drug on the market, he feel it's a brilliant way of making money.

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UK premiere of 'Defiance' - Arrivals

Edward Zwick Tuesday 6th January 2009 UK premiere of 'Defiance' - Arrivals London, England

Edward Zwick

Defiance Review

Decades after the last shot was fired, filmmakers continue to find intriguing narrative passages into WWII. The latest, Edward Zwick's Defiance, tells the true story of the Bielskis, three Jewish brothers who, in 1941, avoided capture by the Germans and fled to Poland's Lipicanzia Forest.

Willing to help as many fellow exiles as possible, Tuvia (Daniel Craig), Zus (Liev Schreiber), and Asael (Jamie Bell) formed what eventually came to be known as the Otriad, a mobile community that grew to encompass 1,200 Jewish refugees. The Otriad provided food, shelter, safety, and a moderate sense of stability. There were rules and guidelines, which bred harmony and conflict. Relationships were forged, as male and female widows took on "forest" husbands and wives. The toughest challenge -- beyond basic survival --seemed to be maintaining civility in this makeshift civilization.

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Blood Diamond Review

Blood Diamond has too many politics to be an action movie, too little hanky panky to be a romantic drama, and too many chase scenes to be real social activism. It's action drama against the backdrop of political turmoil -- in this case, Sierra Leone in 1999 -- where it is tricky to come off as neither tritely do-gooder nor exploitative. In this case, the effort is surprisingly successful.

Djimon Hounsou plays Solomon Vendy, a fisherman who just wants a better life for his son. But when the rebels come, he is unwillingly thrust into the midst of the violence -- his family is scattered, he is captured, their village is decimated. He is working the diamond mines at gunpoint when he catches, and hides, an epic stone -- huge, flawless, and slightly pink.

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Legends of the Fall Review

Legends of the Fall is a sprawling epic about three brothers, their father, and the woman who weaves among all of them. The film is primarily focused with the middle brother, played by Brad Pitt. Pitt is the only redeeming feature of the film; Pitt's talents have gone relatively unnoticed since his debut in Thelma and Louise in 1991, and Legends should give him the notice he deserves.

The rest of the cast is not so lucky. Henry Thomas (the kid from E.T.) still looks like he did ten years ago, Aidan Quinn is out of his league, Julia Ormond spends the majority of the film in tears, and even Anthony Hopkins has a dismal role, half of which he plays as a stroke victim.

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Traffic Review

How do you fight a war when the people that you love are the enemy? When the conflict is in your own neighborhood, or your own house? Such is the dilemma in the exceptional new film about the drug trade in the United States and Mexico, Traffic.

A harrowing and thought-provoking film, Traffic revolves around three intertwining stories of cops, thugs, victims, enforcers, politicians, and the judicial system. The film is based on a British Channel 4 miniseries called Traffik, which traced a drug route from Pakistan through Europe and to Great Britain. Laura Bickford, one of the producers for Traffic, was attracted to the original miniseries because of the intersecting stories, the social commentary on drug usage, and the implication of The System itself being the major perpetrator of drug addiction.

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I Am Sam Review

What defines a parent? Is it the amount of intellectual maturity displayed or the level of love given? Such is the question posed in I Am Sam.

In the film, Sam Dawson (Sean Penn) is a mentally challenged single father raising his daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning). Sam is a sweet, good-natured man who earns a living by sweeping up at a local coffee store. His mental capacity is that of a seven-year-old, and as his daughter turns seven, she begins to intellectually outgrow her father. Soon, their lives come under the scrutiny of a social worker, who, "for the good of the child," wants Lucy placed into foster care.

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Abandon Review

A timely late October release and a spooky ad campaign suggest that Abandon revolves around the ghostly return of a long-lost boyfriend who haunts a lovely coed. Not the case. In reality, it's a melodramatic after school special about a deranged college girl who gets left by every man she dares to love, starting with her father. It's not scary, unless you happen to be the girl.

The question driving Abandon is who abandoned who? Did charismatic but manipulative Embry (Charlie Hunnam) leave his clingy college sweetheart, Katie (Katie Holmes, who probably would get confused if she and her character didn't share a first name), or is it the other way around? And is Embry alive and kicking on a European jaunt, or dead, as a sleazy, washed-up detective (Benjamin Bratt) believes but can't prove?

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Shakespeare in Love Review

Easily the best comedy of the year - and the best film of the year to star Joseph Fiennes and feature Queen Elizabeth as a major character - Shakespeare in Love gets a hands-down recommendation for all filmgoers.

The clever premise follows one William Shakespeare (Fiennes), stuck with writer's block while trying to pen "Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter" and unable to get his own love life going to boot.

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