Actor Edward Norton has recruited 10 runners to tackle the upcoming New York marathon to raise funds for an African conservation charity.
The American History X star, a keen philanthropist, has signed up the fitness fans, who have all agreed to raise at least $6,000 (£3,750) each for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.
Norton will not participate in the run this year, but he's invited his volunteers to join him for a meal ahead of the race, which takes places in the Big Apple in November (11).
He says, "The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust is an organisation I care about deeply. I've been involved with the Mwct for over 10 years. In 2009, 29 other runners and I ran the New York Marathon to raise money for the Mwct and the campaign was a success... we raised over $1.2 million.
"The money we raise is used to protect the legendary ecosystems and astounding biodiversity of East Africa through conservation that directly benefits local Maasai communities."
Norton is also promising special gifts to fans who donate money to the cause: "If you donate $30 to any of our Mwct Runners right now, you'll automatically win a Crowdrise tee (T-shirt)!"