Edward Norton can be seen sipping and spitting polluted water in a new campaign to call attention to the millions of people who don't have access to clean resources.
The Fight Club star teamed up with the Water For People charity to shoot an ad in support of the organisation's efforts to build wells, improve sanitation conditions and provide potable water to impoverished nations.
And Norton is urging others to take part after taking a few sips of "nasty, poo-filled" water to show fans what 880 million people are forced to call water.
In the clip, he says, "Hey I'm Edward Nort... (Coughs). Can I just get a glass of water? (Spits it out). Really? Come on seriously. Alright this is actually starting to make me a little bit sick.
"I've just been given a very disgusting, but actually very excellent reminder not to take for granted how easy it is for me to get clean drinking water anytime I need it or want it. I don't want to drink filthy water like that, you don't, and neither do over 880 million people around the world, who don't have such easy access to clean water."