This week’s SNL was not just the Halloween episode – which is usually more treat than trick – but also Edward Norton’s very first time hosting the sketch comedy show. Despite Norton’s lack of any kind of comedy background, he pulled off quite a funny show. His Woody Allen impression in the opening monologue was spot on and, of course, he did have plenty of help.

Edward Norton, Mercedez Benz Fashion Week
Norton did great, despite not having a comedy background.

And we’re not talking about Jenelle Monae demonstrating her impressive vocal chops or killer style here, though she did do both of those things. There were two celebrities that popped by during Norton’s opening monologue, to provide the greenhorn host with some oldschool SNL wisdom – Alec Baldwin and Miley Cyrus. And while Baldwin definitely has some experience to back him up – and his jokes got a good round of laughs – Cyrus did seem a bit nervous and too scripted, her tongue gag raising eyebrows, more than prompting laughs.

Janelle Monae, WGCI Studios
It was about time Janelle Monae made it on SNL.

Even so, the episode was definitely stronger than usual – with Halloween coming up, the writers definitely had plenty of material to work with. So much so, that the show had to go with a shortened Weekend Update, which is usually one of SNL’s best bit. Unfortunate ast that may have been, it was still a great episode – perhaps SNL should consider Norton for further gigs. Maybe one day, he could even be inducted into the Five Timers Club.

Edward Norton, The Bourne Legacy Premiere
Overall, a solid Halloween episode.