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Ant-Man Review


The increasingly stale Marvel formula gets a blast of fresh air in this rollocking adventure movie, which combines a steady stream of character-based comedy with action sequences that are integrated seamlessly into the plot. Like last summer's Guardians of the Galaxy, the film departs from the usual tired structure to joyously tell a story that's more than pure escapism.

Released from prison after a stint for burglary, Scott (Paul Rudd) is struggling to restart his life when he has an unexpected encounter with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), an inventor who needs his help. Hank's technology company is being steered away from his original vision to help mankind by his daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly) and his protege Darren (Corey Stoll), who see a chance to make a lot of money by selling Hank's ideas to the highest bidder. Hank's biggest breakthrough is a suit that shrinks the wearer down to ant-size, allowing for all kinds of unexpected possibilities. Pushed into a corner, Scott starts learning how to master the suit. But his ex-wife (Judy Greer) is now engaged to a cop (Bobby Cannavale) who's keeping his eye on Scott.

One of director Peyton Reed's main challenges was to sell the whole idea of an insect-sized warrior, and he does that fairly effortlessly, revealing an increasingly cool series of possibilities in each action sequence. These set-pieces emerge organically from the story, combining comedy and exhilaratingly coherent action to push the narrative forward. One of the best moments is an encounter with one of the Avengers (Anthony Mackie's Falcon), which offers a strong hint about how Ant-Man can liven up the franchise as a whole. And the climactic sequence is an inspired collision of mind-bending effects and inventive humorous touches (Thomas the Tank Engine nearly steals the whole film). Plus two post-credit stings for the fanboys.

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2015 Film Society Awards Night

Guillermo Del Toro, Edgar Wright and Chris Columbus - Shots of a variety of stars were photographed at the 2015 Film Society Awards ceremony, This year's award recipients included Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro, who received the San Francisco International Film Festival's Irving M. Levin Directing Award. Also American actor Richard Gere was honored with the Peter J. Owens Award. The awards ceremony was held at The Armory in San Francisco, California, United States - Monday 27th April 2015

Guillermo del Toro
Edgar Wright and Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro

So Here's Why Edgar Wright Pulled out of 'Ant-Man'

Edgar Wright Evangeline Lilly Paul Rudd

With Edgar Wright on-board, Ant-Man was easily one of the most anticipated movies in recent years. Paul Rudd in the lead role was an intriguing and creative casting decision and support from Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas hinted that Wright and his collaborators were cooking up something special.

Ant ManPaul Rudd as Scott Lang in Ant-Man

However, it became immediately apparent that Wright and Marvel were not meshing and the British filmmaker's vision for Hank Pym's story clearly wasn't in-line with the studio's ingredients for a money-maker.

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Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg Set to Combine Again on New Movie

Simon Pegg Edgar Wright Nick Frost

Forget Hector and the Search For Happiness. That was a blip in the otherwise brilliant career of Simon Pegg. And anyway, he’s at his best when working with Edgar Wright – good news, then, that the pair has confirmed a brand new project together.

Edgar Wright Simon PeggEdgar Wright [L] and Simon Pegg [centre] are working together again

“Edgar and I were having a conversation the other day about it, and it has a title and everything. We're kind of into a creative cycle nowm” Pegg said when speaking to Edith Bowman on BBC 6 Music, "We've all got different things [going] on and we know we have to get those things done. The coming-together thing is without question on the table and will happen when we can do it."

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Everything We Know About Edgar Wright's 'Baby Driver'

Edgar Wright Simon Pegg Nick Frost Shaun Of The Dead Tim Bevan

After a storm of scepticism surrounding Edgar Wright’s decision to walk away from the future Marvel blockbuster Ant Man, the British director has instead turned his hand to a new project which promises to put a fresh spin on the action-packed crime film. Having shot to directorial superstardom after the incredibly successful ‘Cornetto Trilogy’, his collaboration with long-time friends Simon Pegg and Nick Frost which included the crowd-pleasers Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and World’s End, Wright has found himself as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand directors. Moreover, he has proved that he is unafraid to walk away from a project if he feels strongly perturbed by the direction it is being aimed toward by studio executives.

Edgar Wright At Premiere Of Worlds EndWright left Ant Man after a prolonged dispute over the script

With Wright freed from Ant Man after script disputes, Baby Driver is reportedly being fast-tracked towards production, with the screenplay already being written following the Wright’s 2010 hit Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Details on the film remain scarce, but a small amount of speculation has been addressed by the director in a series of interviews. As intrigued fans have pointed out, Baby Driver is also the name of a track from the iconic Simon and Garfunkle album Bridge Over Troubled Water. In an interview conducted in 2011, Wright conformed he had written a script that borders on being a musical, admitting that it would in many ways act as a departure for the director in terms of style.

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Ant-Man's Yes-Man is Peyton Reed. He's Directing The Film, Okay?

Peyton Reed Edgar Wright Paul Rudd

After weeks of speculation following Edgar Wright’s high profile Ant-Man departure, a new director has finally been revealed: Peyton Reed will now helm the project starring Paul Rudd and set for release in 2015. 

Peyton ReedPeyton Reed at the premiere of 'Yes-Man' back in 2008

Reed is most notable for Yes-Man, the 2008 comedy starring Jim Carrey, but his most critically acclaimed work is 2000’s Bring It On. His highest grossing film is The Break Up, starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. 

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Who Is Nicholas Stoller And Can He Rescue ‘Ant-Man’?

Edgar Wright

It’s been nearly a fortnight since Edgar Wright parted ways with Ant-Man and Marvel still hasn't found a replacement, but not for lack of trying. Since Wright’s departure, the three names we’d been hearing as potential replacements were Adam McKay, Rawson Thurber and Ruben Fleischer but two of these names have already turned down the job. But now a new name has found himself in the running, British born director Nicholas Stoller. But who is he and more importantly does he have the right credentials to take over Ant-Man?

Nicholas StollerCould this be the man to take on Ant-Man?

The well travelled Stoller was born in London, raised in Miami and educated at a New Hampshire boarding school. After graduating high school, he continued his education at Harvard College, where he cut his teeth writing for comedy publication The Harvard Lampoon. He also performed with the improv troupe The Immediate Gratification Players while an undergraduate.

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Are Nicholas Stoller and Michael Dowse The Frontrunners for The Ant-Man Chair?

Edgar Wright Paul Rudd Michael Dowse

The Internet has definitely sided with Edgar Wright since he and Ant-Man unceremoniously split on May 23. That probably has something to do with Joss Whedon’s Twitter salute to the ex-Ant-Man man, but either way, a running joke has prevailed: no one wants to direct Ant-Man. Did we say Ant-Man enough? Ant-Man.

Nicholas StollerNicholas Stoller Could Get The Job

It’s not exactly a desirably gig; the film already has a ridiculous amount of hype behind it, and whoever gets the job will have to stick to a tight schedule with a script that is still in flux. It’s the kind of situation the phrase ‘deep end’ was first uttered for. 

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Will Marvel Ever Find The Right Man To Take Over ‘Ant-Man’?

Edgar Wright Adam McKay

So Adam McKay is not directing Ant-Man. The Anchorman and Step Brothers director was said to be in ‘advanced’ talks with Marvel over the weekend, but by Monday he had taken himself out of the running, tweeting that he had “other projects”, he was committed to and he was “not sure it can work.”  Sadly, we might have to echo McKay's words, since the departure of Wright we're not sure Ant-Man can work now either. Really, without Wright, is Ant-Man destined to be a doomed project?

Edgar WrightHas Edgar Wright left an unfillable void in Ant-Man?

The Ant-Man movie was undoubtedly Edgar Wright’s baby. The ‘Cornetto trilogy’ director first became attached to the project officially in 2006 but he had actually been developing the story since 2003. His departure from the film last week initially came as a shock, but in hindsight, it might have been an unfortunate inevitability.

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The 5 Directors That Could Rescue Marvel's 'Ant-Man'

Adam McKay Edgar Wright Joe Cornish Michel Gondry

Why doesn’t anyone want to direct 'Ant-Man'!? Well, I’m sure someone does, but for some reason, Marvel is having a bit of a difficult time trying to keep someone attached to the project. The superhero film had its first director, Edgar Wright, take over the reins all the way back in 2006, so it was definitely a blow when he decided to leave directing duties late last month. However, soon after, Marvel was in talks to enlist someone new already: 'Anchorman' director Adam McKay...but then he left too due to time restraints with his schedule.

Edgar Wright PremiereEdgar Wright left the film after being involved for nearly a decade

So, where does 'Ant-Man' go from here? Does Marvel spend time sifting through candidates hoping to find one that's willing, or do they just give up and decide to can the film entirely? Though it’s a drastic measure, it’s safe to say that 'Ant-Man' isn’t exactly the most desirable or profitable superhero around, and there’s no telling how the movie could perform at the box office. If Marvel did scrap it, perhaps they could focus their efforts on a new flick for one of their other characters: what about She-Hulk or a Ms. Marvel movie? Chances are it’s not going to be scrapped and a new director will be announced eventually, but who’s best fit for the position?

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Does Anybody Out There Want To Direct 'Ant-Man'?

Edgar Wright Adam McKay Paul Rudd

Following the departure of Edgar Wright, Anchorman director Adam McKay was being courted to direct Ant-Man for Disney and Marvel though has passed up the opportunity. It seemed a strange direction for the movie to be heading in, though the heavyweight studios are likely to have been attracted to McKay's long history with lead star Paul Rudd

Adam McKayAdam McKay Will Not Direct Ant-Man

Wright, who last directed The World's End, had been attached to the superhero movie since 2006 though resigned last week over creative differences. It left Disney scrambling around for a director late on Friday night and they would have confident in landing McKay before the comedy filmmaker rejected their advances. 

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Is 'Anchorman' Director Adam McKay In Talks To Direct Marvel's 'Ant Man'?

Adam McKay Paul Rudd Evangeline Lilly Michael Douglas Edgar Wright

It's another is he-isn't he situations which will never truly be resolved unless Adam McKay chooses to take the position as Ant Man director, or it'll just remain another unconfirmed rumour. Ant Man has been in a state of development since 2003 and there still seems to be some troubles even with filming about to start this summer. With the film's initial director, Edgar Wright, walking out last week what will the future look like for the upcoming Marvel film?

Adam McKay
Adam McKay is rumoured to be in talks with Marvel.

Edgar Wright, who has been working on the movie's script since 2003, resigned last week over creative differences. Reports suggest Marvel changed Wright's script without his permission. Wright not only penned the screenplay but was also set to direct, leaving the Ant Man team in dire need of a director. As Variety reported, McKay was seemingly in talks with the film's producers and may be stepping in to take over from Wright. 

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Is Adam McKay The New Right Man For Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ After Edgar Wright’s Departure?

Adam McKay Edgar Wright

Have you gotten over the departure of Edgar Wright from Marvel’s Ant-Man yet? Probably not, but the studio is keen to keep moving forward on the film and now Variety reports they may have found a new director to take the helm, Anchorman's Adam McKay

Adam McKayCould Adam McKay fill Edgar Wright's Ant-Man shoes?

McKay is best known for his partnership with Will Ferrell, directing the comedian in films such as Anchorman, Talladega Nights and Stepbrothers. The duo also co-founded the hugely successful 'Funny or Die' website together.

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Joss Whedon's Mint Cornetto Salute To Ex Ant-Man Director, Edgar Wright

Joss Whedon Edgar Wright

Like a fallen soldier on the battlefield, Joss Whedon has simultaneously saluted his comrade Edgar Wright following the British director’s exit from the Ant-Man movie, and poked a jibe at Marvel, his current - and Wright’s former - employer.

Edgar WrightEdgar Wright at the Jameson Empire Awards 2014

The Cornetto is significant because of Wright’s famous trilogy, The Cornetto Trilogy, comprising Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. The films, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in central roles, mocked Hollywood tropes while delivering meaningful and hilarious storylines of their own. 

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Edgar Wright Is No Longer The Man for 'Ant-Man', Man. Why?

Edgar Wright Paul Rudd Joe Cornish

It’s sad but true. Edgar Wright has departed Marvel’s Ant-Man movie with a new director to be announced shortly. Not much was divulged about Wright’s exit, but he and Marvel released a short joint statement on the Marvel website stating it was “due to differences in their vision of the film”.

Edgar WrightEdgar Wright at the premiere for 'The World's End'

Here’s the statement in full: “Marvel and Edgar Wright jointly announced today that the studio and director have parted ways on Marvel's "Ant-Man" due to differences in their vision of the film. The decision to move on is amicable and does not impact the release date on July 17, 2015. A new director will be announced shortly.”

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