Sighted in tortillas, toast, and rock formations worldwide, Jesus appears yet again on the big screen in Cary Joji Fukunaga's border-crossing debut Sin Nombre. This time our Lord is reincarnated as El Caspar (Edgar Flores), a youthful hood in gang-ridden Tapachula who attempts to balance his high-ranking position in the Mara Salvatchura, a leading Mexican gang, with his relationship with his outspoken girlfriend Martha Marlene (Diana Garcia).

Nombre opens with Caspar tutoring 12-year-old Smiley (Kristyan Ferrer) on the finer points of gang life, principally how to cover your hombres. To Smiley, watching Caspar grab a quickie with Martha is the best advertisement for being a gangster imaginable. The would-be hoodlum certainly doesn't find much honor in the execution he is forced to carry out nor the beating he receives during his initiation. But, unlike Smiley, Caspar has become numb to these images. Even the sight of a rival gang-member's entrails being fed to the Mara Salvatchura's German shepherds is commonplace.

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