Eddie Murphy is enduring hours of special effects make-up to play a feuding husband and wife in his new film NORBIT. The actor is used to playing several characters simultaneously - he played eight roles in The Nutty Professor films. Co-star Terry Crews tells MTV, "It's insane. Eddie's playing a guy that's married to the worst woman in the world. "And he's playing the guy and the girl, which is insane." Murphy portrays sheepish husband Norbit, as well as his overbearing wife, who is infuriated by her husband's attraction to a sexy character played by Thandie Newton. He adds, "I don't think anyone's prepared for what they're about to see. RICK BAKER, a six-time Academy Award winner, is doing all his makeup. "I play (Norbert's wife's brother), and we are the worst family in the world. We don't cut Eddie any slack. It's just a vicious, vicious movie in the way we treat this guy."