Beverly Hills Cop could be heading for the small screen! And Eddie Murphy could well be appearing in the spin-off, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan are currently touting a TV version of the popular movie franchise to a number of broadcast networks. It's unclear which of the original characters will remain but it has been reported that Murphy will have an onscreen role in the spin-off, with his original character Axel Foley now being the chief of police in Detroit and Foley's son being the central character.
Back in November, Murphy told Rolling Stone what he was planning for the show and revealed that a fourth movie was out of the question: "I'd do the pilot, show up here and there. None of the movie scripts were right; it was trying to force this premise. If you have to force something, you shouldn't be doing it. It was always a rehash of the old thing. It was always wrong. What I'm trying to do with Beverly Hills Cop now is produce a TV show starring Axel Foley's son, and Axel is the chief of police now in Detroit."
According to Vulture, who first reported on the news, the show being pitched this week would consist of hour-long crime shows with "comedic elements." Murphy is due to appear in the pilot and a few of the following episodes. He will also serve as executive producer, alongside Shawn Ryan.