Eddie Murphy may very well be returning to our screens as Axel Foley once again, this time however it'll be on the small screen as The Beverley Hills cop looks to restart life as a television series.

According to Vulture.com, Murphy and Shawn Ryan - the man responsible for The Shield - are working with Sony Pictures Television to turn the massive movie franchise into a hit TV show. Not only will Murphy be serving as the Executive Producer of the project, but he will also be contributing to a role on the show, reviving the Axel Foley character he made famous in the eighties and nineties. This time round though, rather than chasing bad guys in the 90210 area, he will be back in Detroit serving as the chief of Police, whilst most of the action will be taken on by his son.

At least that's what Murphy said the show would revolve around when he spoke to Rolling Stone last year about his desire to turn the movie franchise into a TV show. The premise may have altered somewhat since, but with the idea now seemingly coming into fruition, it seems as though a whole host of TV network are gearing up to gain the rights to air the show regardless of whether the premise stays the same or changes.