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The Things They Say 3522

5th December 2006

"I'm a very potent man." EDDIE MURPHY describes his babymaking skills. The funnyman has five kids....

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Murphy Baffled By Richards Backlash

5th December 2006

EDDIE MURPHY is puzzled by the backlash aimed at MICHAEL RICHARDS following his racist tirade during a stand-up routine in a Los Angeles club because what is said onstage should stay onstage. Murphy is refusing...

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Murphy Dating Babyface's Ex

5th December 2006

Funnyman EDDIE MURPHY is dating R+B producer/singer KENNETH 'BABYFACE' EDMONDS' ex-wife TRACEY, following his split from pregnant singer MELANIE BROWN. The SHREK comedian, 45, told Dutch TV show RTL Boulevard yesterday (04DEC06) that he was...

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Murphy Ditches Scary Spice And Demands Dna Test

5th December 2006

Hollywood star EDDIE MURPHY has ditched his SPICE GIRL lover MEL B and is demanding a DNA test to prove he is the father of her unborn child. The actor made the astonishing claims in...

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Diaz Insists Nose Job Is 'For Medical Reasons'

4th December 2006

Cameron Diaz has insisted that her upcoming nose job is not for vanity but medical reasons.Star of There's something about Mary and Charlie's Angels, Diaz has broken her nose four times and will be having...

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Brown: 'I Can't Wait To Have Murphy's Baby'

3rd December 2006

Former SPICE GIRL MELANIE BROWN has expressed delight at having Hollywood star EDDIE MURPHY's baby. The WANNABE star has been dating the BEVERLY HILLS COP actor since June (06) and things are going so well...

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Murphy Set To Star In Beverly Hills Cop Iv

30th November 2006

EDDIE MURPHY will reprise his role as Detective AXEL FOLEY in the fourth installment of the BEVERLY HILLS COP franchise. Executives at Paramount Pictures are keen to revive the classic action-comedy series which dominated the...

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Halliwell: 'Mel B Stopped Spice Girls Reunion'

29th November 2006

Singer GERI HALLIWELL has blamed MELANIE BROWN for halting a SPICE GIRLS reunion last year (05). The WANNABE band were ready to regroup - except for Brown, who is dating Hollywood star EDDIE MURPHY. Halliwell...

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Murphy: 'Divorce Inspired Me In Dreamgirls

22nd November 2006

EDDIE MURPHY insists his messy divorce from ex-wife NICOLE provided him with the emotional intensity to stun his DREAMGIRLS co-stars with his performance as JAMES 'THUNDER' EARLY. The TRADING PLACES funnyman has been praised by...

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Ratner, Murphy And Rock Ready To Rob Trump

16th November 2006

RUSH HOUR director BRETT RATNER is set to helm a heist drama with EDDIE MURPHY and CHRIS ROCK as a pair of janitors who plan to rob real estate mogul DONALD TRUMP. The untitled film...

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The Things They Say 3312

9th November 2006

"It's amazing isn't it? Having a baby with DOCTOR DOOLITTLE! I read the stories but I don't know if it's true. I hope she's cool with it all." Ex-SPICE GIRL MELANIE CHISHOLM is amazed former...

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Shrek To Transition From Movies To Tv

7th November 2006

In what is likely the first instance of characters created by computer animation for a theatrical motion picture showing up in a television special, ABC plans to air Shrek the Halls from DreamWorks Animation in...

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Scary Spice Pregnant With Murphy's Baby

18th October 2006

Former SPICE GIRL MELANIE BROWN is reportedly expecting boyfriend EDDIE MURPHY's baby. The WANNABE singer is reportedly four months pregnant with the DADDY DAY CARE star's child. It will be Murphy's eighth child and...

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Murphy: 'I Love Mel B'

24th September 2006

Hollywood funnyman EDDIE MURPHY has finally declared his love for English girlfriend MELANIE BROWN. The pair began dating three months ago (JUN06) and reportedly immediately fell madly in love. And now Murphy, speaking at a...

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Beyonce Denies Publicity Over-kill

6th September 2006

BEYONCE KNOWLES has hit out at suggestions her media drive to promote second album B'DAY is jeopardising new movie DREAMGIRLS. The former DESTINY'S CHILD frontwoman stars as DEENA JONES in the highly anticipated musical -...

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Crocodile Hunter Dead

4th September 2006

Australian naturalist STEVE IRWIN has died after being stung in the chest by a stingray while diving on the Great Barrier Reef early today (04SEP06). The charismatic star, dubbed the Crocodile Hunter after his hit...

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Akon Recreates 48 Hours In New Video

23rd August 2006

R+B sensation AKON is recreating cult movie 48 HOURS in his new video SMACK THAT with EMINEM and actor ERIC ROBERTS. The Senegalese singer takes on EDDIE MURPHY's convict REGGIE HAMMOND from the 1982 film,...

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Murphy And Scary Spice Set To Marry?

23rd August 2006

EDDIE MURPHY is preparing to propose to his former SPICE GIRLS girlfriend MELANIE BROWN, according to press reports in the US. The pair began dating three months ago (JUN06) and reportedly immediately fell madly in...

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Murphy And Brown Bring Kids Together

17th August 2006

EDDIE MURPHY's romance with former SPICE GIRL MEL B has moved up a notch, they are planning a trip to Disneyland so their children can meet each other. The singer's seven-year-old daughter PHOENIX CHI and...

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Newton Tries Funny With Murphy

7th August 2006

THANDIE NEWTON admits she is taking a big career risk by turning her back on drama to star in a new comedy movie with EDDIE MURPHY. After emotionally draining performances in CRASH and the recently-completed...

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Fascinating Fact 1795

19th July 2006


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Murphy And Mel B Get Love Tattoos

18th July 2006

EDDIE MURPHY and new love MEL B are so smitten, they have had tattooes of each other's names etched on them. The pair were recently rumoured to be dating in secret after hooking up in...

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Idle And Cleese To Reunite In Shrek 3

14th July 2006

Former MONTY PYTHON stars ERIC IDLE and JOHN CLEESE are set for a reunion in SHREK 3. THE LIFE OF BRIAN funnymen will both voice animated characters in the third installment of the animated hit...

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Eddie Murphy Dating Spice Girl?

10th July 2006

Funnyman EDDIE MURPHY is dating former SPICE GIRL MELANIE BROWN, according to media reports in the US. Brown, who was known as SCARY SPICE in the UK girl group, has re-located to Los Angeles and...

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Stars Head To Vegas For Beatles Spectacular

4th July 2006

French circus troupe CIRQUE DU SOLEIL's new THE BEATLES-themed show LOVE only premiered last week (ends30JUN06), but it has already attracted a host of stars to Las Vegas, Nevada. As well as former Beatles SIR...

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Murphy Made-up For Multiple Roles

19th May 2006

EDDIE MURPHY is enduring hours of special effects make-up to play a feuding husband and wife in his new film NORBIT. The actor is used to playing several characters simultaneously - he played eight roles...

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Murphy Back As Beverly Hills Cop?

3rd May 2006

EDDIE MURPHY is reviving the BEVERLY HILLS COP movie franchise after reportedly agreeing to play wisecracking policeman AXEL FOLEY for a fourth time. Murphy continued to develop the project after producer JERRY BRUCKHEIMER walked away...

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Dupri: 'I Feel Like Anakin Skywalker'

29th April 2006

Hip-hop and R+B mogul JERMAINE DUPRI has dubbed himself ANAKIN because he feels he's being disrespected by his music industry elders. The producer and rapper admits he empathises with the STAR WARS hero-turned-villain, who becomes...

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Murphy To Return To Beverly Hills Cop

28th April 2006

Hollywood funnyman EDDIE MURPHY is set to return to his roots and star in a fourth BEVERLY HILLS COP installment. Murphy became a box-office superstar following the success of the first movie in 1984, and...

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Murphy's Split Official

19th April 2006

EDDIE MURPHY and his now ex-wife NICOLE finalised their divorce in a secret settlement on Monday (17APR06). The couple, who were wed for 13 years, have agreed privately on child custody concerns and the division...

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