I always welcome the opportunity to watch a film that depicts a part of our society seldom exposed in the media. In the case of Budda Heads, we are given access to the world of Los Angeles-based Asian-American gangs. The big problem, however, is that writer/director Brian T. Maeda's view of this world seems totally manufactured, informed only by other gangster movies and overflowing with clichés and forced, testosterone fueled dialogue. Add to the mix some really stiff acting and an obvious, connect-the-dots script, and the ultimate result misses its intended mark by a pretty wide margin.

Japanese-American Suggzy Sugimoto (Calvin Jung) returns to the free world after spending 25 years behind bars for murdering the thug who killed his parents during a robbery. Upon his release, he sets out to track down his younger brother Marco (Eddie Mui) and soon finds that the young man is the head of an organized crime gang called The Savage Boys. An ex-gang member himself, Suggzy is a bit surprised to see how much things have changed. Marco runs with a racially mixed crew and actually works for a Chinese mafia leader named Wallace Chin (A.M. Lai), a stark contrast to Suggzy's days of exclusively fraternizing amongst those of Japanese origins.

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