He was an unlikely ladies man (or at least, Stifler’s mom seemed to be pretty into him) in the American Pie films, but in real life Eddie Kaye Thomas – who played Paul Finch in the movies – has found that being a hit with them in real life has its downsides – namely one of his admirers might start wielding a knife and barricading themselves inside his house.

According to The Los Angeles Times, an LAPD SWAT team has surrounded the Hollywood Hills home of the actor after such an incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon (April 17, 2013). Apparently the unidentified woman spent the night at the home, according to LAPD Andrew Neiman. In the morning she was reportedly asked to leave, which is when things apparently got dicey, with the woman refusing and subsequently pulling a knife, going on to destroy property at the residence. The SWAT team have been at the house since, and are urging the woman to surrender.

The latest from The Sun is that police eventually started firing flash grenades and tear gas into the home, eventually managing to break into and consequently arrest the woman. Thomas had left the house in order to call the officials and the resolution to the incident took some six hours.

Eddie Kaye Thomas
Eddie Kaye Thomas endured a torrid day yesterday after a house visit from someone went wrong