Ed Sheeran has been given the title of baron by the self-styled independent state of Sealand, which lies just off the coast of East Anglia.

The singer/songwriter who hails from Framlingham in Suffolk, has been bestowed with the title of Baron von Edward Sheeran of Sealand by the state's 'ruler' James Bates. The Sealand rulers/owners are hoping that the newly endowed Sheeran might make the trip to the sea and perform a concert there, but it is unknown whether Sheeran has yet committed to performing a gig.

Sealand (we'd never heard of it either), is a former defence platform, also known as Roughs Towers, and was built by the British government during the Second World War to house anti-aircraft guns to fight off a potential invasion. In 1967 the platform was declared an independent country by Roy Bates, who moved over that year to claim the unused base as his own. His grandson, James Bates, 26, who doesn't actually live there but instead resides in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, is the so-called current Prince Royal of Sealand and the one who bestowed Sheeran with his title.

Sheeran is clearly over the moon with his new title, as he took to Twitter upon hearing the news to post a status literally brimming with excitement and glee. He wrote: "So I am a baron. Awesome s**t."

So, maybe it should be Ed Sea-ran from now on then (sorry).