Ed Sheeran will be working non-stop until March next year.

The 'Lego House' singer says he won't have a holiday for the next nine months because of tour commitments and doing promotion work In America.

He said: ''I've got no break until almost this time next year. All of my mates will be finishing uni then, so I'll just go back and stay with my parents. I never got the chance to finish school properly so it will kind of be like that for me.

''I'll be drinking loads of cider and working on the new album.''

As well as writing stuff for his own album, Ed has also been penning tracks for Taylor Swift after she asked him to.

A source said: ''Ed and Taylor have been in the studio in LA a lot over the past few weeks working on new material.

''She's into her British music and became a massive fan of Ed before asking to work with him recently.

''There is a mutual affection between the pair.''