Ed Sheerman gave one teenage fan her final wish.

A 15 year-old girl, Triona Priestly, from Dublin, Ireland passed away after suffering from a long battle with cystic fibrosis on Tuesday (April 1st).

But she managed to hold on just long enough to hear her favorite musical artist, Ed Sheeran, sing 'Little Bird' to her over the phone.

Only moments later Triona tragically died.

Later on in that day an emotional Sheeran tweeted, "Rest in peace Triona, so heartbreaking x."

The heart-warming moment between the British singer-songwriter and the teenager was due to a campaign which began on Twitter.

After Triona's health deteriorated quite rapidly, her friends wanted to something special for her, and that was to make the teen's dream come true.

By starting the hashtag #SongForTri, which began soon began trending, thousands of social media users reached out to Sheeran, and eventually his management contacted Triona's friend, Lucy Hanlon, to organise the phone call.

"It is with great sadness that I have to share with you all today - our beautiful angel was taken from us," Lucy wrote on Facebook, according to Daily Mail. "As we all know about the Twitter campaign, Ed's manager Stuart Camp emailed me and today Ed rang Triona and personally sang Little Bird to her as she took her last breaths."

"Triona left us listening to her idol surrounded by all the people who loved her," she added. "People's respect is incredible. We would like to thank everyone. Goodnight, my angel. Sleep tight."

Following the death of Triona, her older brother, Colm, spoke with the Irish Independent to thank everyone for their support and effort with the Twitter campaign.

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"Myself and my family would like to thank Ed Sheeran and everyone who started and supported the #SongForTri campaign," he told the newspaper. "What they gave us and her was a beautiful last moment together. Triona slipped into a sleep as Ed was singing to her and passed away shortly afterwards."

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"So Ed Sheeran sang her to sleep," he added. "We would like to thank everyone who played their part in making that happen."

Ed Sheeran
Sheeran sang 'Little Bird' to the ill teenager