Ed Sheeran thinks the music industry is ''overcrowded''.

The 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker recently joined his friend Sam Smith on stage at his gig in Manchester last week and he thinks it is a shame too many other artists are too ''competitive'' to help and support their chart rivals.

He said: ''Sam's had the same outlook as me, we both hero-worship classic musicians from 20,30, 40 years ago and they all hung out and sung together.

''The music industry is so overcrowded and competitive these days that everyone is fighting for a spot at the top and no one wants to jump on stage with another or help each other out. It's nice when that happens.''

Ed has a host of celebrity fans who have attended his gigs but he was most surprised when Hollywood legend Samuel L. Jackson appeared at his dressing room door looking to get his picture taken with him.

He said: ''Sometimes you get pre-warned because usually they want to come back and say hi. Who was least expected? Samuel L. Jackson, who turned up on the tube. He got the tube, watched the gig, came back for a selfie with me and then b*****ed off.''

Ed admits he sometimes favours public transport in London because it is efficient, but he would rather travel alone.

He added on 'The Official Chart' on BBC Radio 1: ''I get the tube now and again but that's not to prove anything, it's just because there's a lot of traffic.

''I like sitting in cars more than the tube but it is easier to get the tube.''