Ed Sheeran has hinted at more collaborations with Taylor Swift.

The 'Lego House' singer is currently on tour with his close pal in US and after having teamed up previously for their track 'Everything Has Changed', featured on her album 'Red', Ed has indicated there may be more teamwork on his upcoming album.

He told Noise11: ''My second album has taken shape recently. I don't know if there will be any collaborations on it. You never know. I'm on tour with her for 6 months. I'm sure the guitars will come out at some point.

''We wrote ['Everything Has Changed'] in June. We went in to write another song for the 'Red' album and then we went to record that other song. The day before we went to record it she invited me around to her house for food and 'Everything Has Changed' came out of that.''

Despite confirming the release date for the follow on record from his deubt '+', February 17, Ed won't be performing any of the tracks live before then as he wants the album to be a ''surprise'' for fans.

Asked whether the new songs will be added to his tour set list, he said: ''No... Coldplay do that. Big bands can ease their new songs into a set but my fans are so viral that the moment I play a new song everyone of them would hear it because they are all on Twitter and YouTube. There should be some surprise. I don't want everyone knowing the whole record before they get it.''