Ed Sheeran has revealed he was turned away from his own label’s post-Grammys party on Sunday night.

But to make matters worse, this is the fourth year Ed’s been denied entry to the bash, despite being a performer at this year’s ceremony.

Ed SheeranEd Sheeran doesn't have much luck with parties

Speaking to On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Ed explained: “That’s actually happened four years in a row. And that’s not just my label’s after-party! That’s just after-parties in general.”

Apparently Ed was refused entry because after just one hour the venue had reached capacity. The singer wasn't the only famous face to be turned away, Oscar winner Adrien Brody and DJ Pete Tong also reportedly failed to get in.

“You know what I don’t get?” Ed continued. “When you walk into those parties, there’s probably four musicians there and everyone else is just people from LA, who didn’t go to the Grammys and probably just want a party to go to.”

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Ed then decided to try his luck at Diplo and Benny Blanco’s house party in the Hollywood Hills, which he did manage to gain entry to, but decided not to stay the night.

“I arrived there super early and I was like, ‘This is really cool! No one’s here!’" Ed added. “And then suddenly 2,000 people turned up and I was like, ‘I’m going.’”

But while Ed isn't much good at parties, he has no problem performing on stage in front of a worldwide audience. “That’s my element. Performing is what I love doing,” he said. “I’m more nervous to talk to people, because I’m not very good.”