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Ed Lauter's Family Sues Tv Networks Over Asbestos Claims

12th April 2014

Ed Lauter's relatives have filed a lawsuit over allegations the actor's cancer was caused by exposure to asbestos in Tv studios.The Artist star died in October (13) at the age of 74 after a battle...

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A Week In News: '50 Shades' Kerfuffle, Sad 'Glee' Announcement, & The Loss Of Ed Lauter

By Lauren James | 18th October 2013

'50 Shades' of Shambles: Where do we begin? Leading man Charlie Hunnam AKA Christian Grey, walks out of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, citing "an immersive schedule," Dakota Johnson starts feeling uneasy and Irish...

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Which Role Will Ed Lauter Be Remembered For?

By Jack de Aguilar | 18th October 2013

The sad news that Ed Lauter had passed away hit the mainstream media on Wednesday (October 16, 2013), as his characteristic and unique roles started flooding into the zeitgeist. During a career that spanned five...

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Ed Lauter, Veteran Character Actor, Dies Aged 74

By Elinor Cosgrave | 18th October 2013

Ed Lauter, the veteran character actor, has died at the age of 74. Lauter died On Wednesday 16th October at his home in West Hollywood. His publicist, Edward Lozzi, announced his death resulted from mesothelioma,...

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Ed Lauter, Star Of 'The Artist,' Dies Aged 74

By Lauren James | 17th October 2013

Actor Ed Lauter passed away aged 74 yesterday (16th Oct.) due to mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer usually caused by asbestos exposure, his publicist Edward Lozzi said, via The Telegraph. The New York-born star...

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Beloved & Well-known Character Actor Ed Lauter Passes Away

By Joe Wilde | 17th October 2013

Ed Lauter may not be a household name, but his face is instantly recognisable to film and TV lovers the world over thanks to his numerous character roles. At the age of 74, the character...

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Ed Lauter Dies Aged 74

17th October 2013

Ed Lauter has died aged 74. The 'Artist' actor - who played the butler of Berenice Bejo's character Peppy in the Oscar-winning movie - passed away yesterday (16.10.13) at his home in Los Angeles of...

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Character Actor Ed Lauter Dies

17th October 2013

Character actor Ed Lauter has died from cancer at the age of 74.The actor passed away on Wednesday (16Oct13) at his home in West Hollywood, California after battling mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer....

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Hollywood Character Actor Ed Lauter Dies At Age 74

By Nick Hill | 17th October 2013

Veteran Hollywood actor, Ed Lauter, died aged 74 on Wednesday (Oct 17th).According to the Associated Press, Lauter's publicist, Edward Lozzi said he had died from a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma, commonly caused by...

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