To watch a Steven Seagal film, one must fully suspend all disbelief. And to fully enjoy the audacity of Seagal, one must ignore all of the consequences associated with the following: Starting fistfights with large men in flashy nightclubs, destroying everything in sight along the way. Surviving every semi-automatic gun battle and car crash without a scratch. Purchasing Italian racing cars with bundles of $100 bills stuffed in a gym bag. Actually being able to cash out stock options from a dot-com and then creating a private surveillance unit devoted to uncovering a ring of corrupt Detroit cops involved in smuggling heroin inside of sweatshop-produced t-shirts. OK... maybe that corrupt cops thing is a bit hard to swallow.

I remember a time when I used to enjoy Seagal. Such films as Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Marked for Death, Under Siege, and Out for Justice are all solid action films from the '90s. Under Siege is even kind of good. But lately, films like Under Siege 2, Fire Down Below, and The Patriot have shown the age of the Italian stallion of Aikido.

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