James Cameron made one of his biggest early hits with the sequel to the popular Terminator, Schwarzenegger's baddest-ass role to date. Sent back in time (again) to protect the young leader of a future resistance group, Arnie does battle with a superior model of himself (Patrick -- hey Rob, where'd your career go? Oh, to The X-Files.). Of course he wins, but not before dazzling the world with some of the finest special effects put to film, 90% of which still look state of the art 10 years after their creation.

Too bad Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) is even less likable in this film than in the original -- her character, long suffering in a mental hospital, is one-dimensional and overdramatic. Her son (Edward Furlong), supposedly the future leader of "the resistance," comes across as whiny and fragile. And as for that T-1000, well, the technological leap to go to from a standard cyborg to a liquid metal machine with no visible parts... seems like that might take a bit longer than 10 years to create.

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