After the phenomenal success of E.L. James' 50 Shades Of Grey (over 65 million copies sold last year folks, and presumably still rising), the pressure on the British author to come up with something new must be huge. In fairness to James though, rather than hide away and let the fuss over her soft-erotic novel die down, she’s got right back to it, and is already talking up her next book.

However, James is clearly aware that, now she’s up there with J K Rowling as the most famous living author in the world, the attention will be fierce. “It won’t be nearly so raunchy” she said of her new narrative, “and I will probably write it under another name.” The New York Post reckon she was joking when she said that, though we wouldn’t blame her for changing her name and sneaking something out to alleviate the pressure of it all. Though of course that probably wouldn’t sell nearly as much, something her publishers might not be too happy about.

James was chatting to the Post at the Vanity Fair Oscars bash – a fine location to try and ensnare some of Hollywood’s top brass to appear in the film adaptation for 50 Shades Of Grey you’d have thought. However, she remained guarded once again about what we could expect from the movie, or even when it was going to happen. “We don’t even have a filmmaker . . . so we are still a long way away from casting” she said. “I have some ideas . . . but it may not be who people expect.”