What is it about the teen movie? Is it just attractive people put in with bad writing and acting? Are we supposed to enjoy it? The original Carrie broke that tradition. It was different. The Rage: Carrie 2 falls back into the mold.

Emily Bergl stars as Rachel Lang, the new telekinetic teen who can move things with her mind in accordance to her emotions. Rachel is an outcast, with only one friend. I do like the way they show the class system of high schools (football players being on top) but if you want to see a movie that displays that in a better way, go rent Welcome to Dollhouse. Anyhoo, Rachel's friend jumps off a building after being used by a football player (Home Improvement's Zachary Ty Brian). Rachel is crushed, alone in the world until she is sought after by another football player (this time with good intentions) played by Party of Five's Jeremy London. Soon Rachel is part of the in-crowd, but knowing the original, we know she's going to be setup so she can display her, uh, Rage.

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