It’s Hercules time! So we know that Dwayne Johnson made a lot of money off the mythical epic. And let’s be honest – it’s Dwayne Johnson and Greek myth, we’re definitely going to enjoy this. But is it actually a good movie? That’s the million – or in this case $110 million – question. Sadly, it looks like a firm “no” at this point.

Dwayne Johnson, Hercules
Well, if there's anyone who could pull off Herc, it's this guy.

Critics from the UK, where the film has been out for a week, have already panned it as not worth the ticket. So far it’s been called “an artistically bankrupt misfire” (Digital Spy) and “crude, calorific and full of half-jokes” (The Telegraph).

So a cinematic masterpiece this isn’t. But no one was really expecting a masterpiece from Brett Ratner’s big budget attempt at beating more money out of the tired Hollywood fantasy reimagining.

At least they had fun. If there’s anything to speak for this film, it’s Johnson, who never takes himself all too seriously and somehow manages to carry all the ridiculousness of whatever action franchise he’s starring in. Another bonus: he’s ripped, as per usual.

Watch the Hercules trailer below.

"Every 72 hours I would strip down to my underwear and get someone on the team to take 360-degree pictures of my entire body. Then I would send the pictures to my (training) coach," says Johnson for USA Today. "It was an incredible process, the constant management of the visual."

Yep, if it's visual you're looking for, this movie will not disappoint (despite those god-awful Photoshop hackjobs they chose for the movie posters.) Just don't dive too deep for a story. 

Dwayne Johnson, Hercules
Is it ridiculous? Yep. Are we still going to watch it? You bet.