Dwayne Johnson’s return as The Rock to World Wrestling Entertainment hasn’t been met with unanimous praise, with many disgruntled that he’s been made the new WWE Champion even though he’s dividing his time up between wrestling and film making. So you'd better hope that his films are decent at least, right? Well, if the reviews of Snitch are anything to go by, he could be treading water there too.

The premise of the film sees Johnson playing a father whose 18 year-old son is wrongly accused of a drug distribution crime. The fast-paced action thriller sees Johnson join the US Army and work undercover so he can infiltrate a drug ring. Sounds plausible. Anyway, it’s not gone down well with the critics; “Dwayne Johnson tries so hard to be taken seriously in the ponderous and preposterous drama Snitch that it hurts to watch him in much the same way it hurts to watch the weightlifting competition at the summer Olympics” write TIME Magazine, with the Los Angeles Times chipping in “The dialogue is preachy, the drama too earnest and the action kind of sluggish, though it's hard not to get a jolt when Johnson jumps behind the wheel.”

USA Today is a bit pluckier in its assessment though, writing “In its focus on an ordinary family facing a nightmarish scenario, Snitch is a terrifying but relatable story.” The Washington Post says, meanwhile, “Snitch is protein-and-starch filmmaking at its utilitarian -- and belly-filling -- best.” A mixed bag then for the film, which has a 51% average on Rotten Tomatoes, which begs the question – is The Rock spreading himself too thinly?

Check out the trailer for Snitch