The release of the action-adventure film, about a massive earthquake in California, comes just weeks after two huge tremors left a trail of devastation in Nepal and claimed the lives of more than 8,000 victims.

At a press conference for the movie, Johnson insisted the cast and crew were aware of the magnitude of Nepal's situation and is adamant the film conveys the horror of an earthquake.

He says, "I think that we made the movie knowing and understanding the content of it and what we were making. The world we live in and the life we have today, these things happen. It's so unfortunate, incredibly unfortunate. Prayers and thoughts continue to go out to everybody in Nepal and everybody who was affected by that. The truth is, you go into a project like this with everything you've got, your heart and your soul, and you just want to make a good movie."

San Andreas is due to hit U.S. and U.K. cinemas next week (beg25May15).