Dwayne Johnson ''always'' pauses to quiz himself about his next venture after the success of a movie.

The 44-year-old actor - who was known as The Rock when he was a wrestler - is overwhelmed by the success of 'Fast and Furious 8', which sees him play the role of Luke Hobbs in the action film, and he has admitted after a huge achievement like this he asks himself ''critical questions'' about his future.

Alongside a picture of the film's billboard campaign, which was shared on his Instagram account, he wrote: ''Biggest global box office opening of all time and the most fun, get the job done, sh*t talkin' character I've ever played. THANK YOU.

I've learned over the years that anytime success comes along I always pause and ask the critical questions. What's the next move? What's the best move? What's the smart move that gives the people what they want? (sic).''

However, the star has joked that his mind swiftly trails off onto another subject.

He quipped: ''Then my mind drifts to what size off road tires I should put on my next pick up truck. You know, the important stuff.

Grateful and thrilled you guys luv the movie! Now the internal dialogue and business strategy begins.

#FateOfTheFurious #BiggestOpeningOfAllTime #HobbsTheBeast #StillNeedTheRightTiresForMyRaptor (sic).''