Dustin Hoffman thinks men are the weaker sex.

The 'Quartet' director claims men live a more limited life than women and thinks they suffer for it.

He explained to the February/March issue of AARP The Magazine: ''I think men are the weaker of the genders and live a more limited life than women. For whatever reasons, men run from intimacy. If you run from intimacy, you're running from what life can give you.''

However, the 75-year-old actor is embracing getting older and says he has never been happier.

He said: ''I wouldn't trade now for anything.

''What we all want is to continually grow and expand. I've discovered that as the body becomes more limited, the soul expands.''

Dustin also revealed working on 'Quartet' - for which he received the Breakthrough Accomplishment award from AARP - made him more aware of his mortality but also gave him hope for the future.

He explained: ''During film I was saying to everybody in the cast, 'We're all in the same act together.' I always think it's a three-act play and we're in the second act--the third act being something that alters you, some infirmity or whatever. And somebody responded, 'Maybe it's a Shakespearean play with five acts.' I liked that. Maybe I've got three more acts.''