Dustin Hoffman waited with a collapsed jogger in London's Hyde Park, who had suffered a heart attack, before congratulating ambulance crews for doing a good job resuscitating him. Hoffman, 74, was out enjoying a walk on the morning of April 27, 2012, when he witnessed 27 year old Sam Dempster collapse and fall onto his face, the Independent reports.
The paramedics from London Ambulance have confirmed that Dustin waited close by whilst the resuscitated the young lawyer. "As we got out of the ambulance Dustin Hoffman explained what had happened," said Martin MACarthur of the ambulance crew. "It is essential to get a history of what has happened and he witnessed the jogger go down, he was the main witness and saw him stagger and go down. He said he saw the patient collapse face first on the pavement and that he was frothing at the mouth. He stayed on the scene for the whole duration of the resuscitation, which was about 15 minutes. He was very concerned. We shocked the patient once with the defibrillator and he regained consciousness."
At the end, Hoffman reportedly told them "Great job, guys." The ambulance drivers accidentally took Hoffman's umbrella, glasses and music player, mistakenly thinking they belonged to Mr. Dempster. All items have since been returned to their owner. Dempster was given life-saving surgery at hospital, similar to that received by the Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Muamba, who collapsed with the same condition during a game recently.