Duran Duran come undone! In sad news for fans of the veteran 80s pop group, they've been forced to cancel the final dates of their world tour because keyboardist Nick Rhodes remains too ill to perform. The mystery illness is thought to be a viral infection, and the group had already been forced to pull their final four Usa dates. Now, their two Canadian shows scheduled for this Friday and Saturday have also fallen, with the news being confirmed on the group's website.
"Nick held out all week, hoping that he would be well enough to perform again for these final few shows, but unfortunately the medical advice he has been given today requires him to continue to rest" the statement read. "The band are devastated that what has been a triumphant tour for them, with many highlights, has ended this way - and know that the fans will be as disappointed as they are."
The Bbc reports that earlier in the week, Rhodes had said he felt "completely helpless over the situation and all I can do is apologise to our fans. We would never let them down unless it was totally unavoidable." The original plan was to reschedule the dates, unfortunately though the venues availability has been such that they've not been able to do so, which means that fans with tickets will have to get refunds from the point of purchase.