Former Guns N' Roses rocker Duff Mckagan is glad to have finally put his feud with frontman Axl Rose behind him, insisting it was "nice" to move past all the "silliness".
The bassist quit the group in 1997 and stunned fans at a London concert in October (10) when he joined Rose onstage and played with the group for the first time since his departure.
The surprise reunion came about after the two rockers found themselves staying at the same London hotel, and MCKagan admits it felt good to clear the air after such a long estrangement.
He tells Entertainment Weekly, "I was so jet-lagged. I was there on financial business. The cool thing about that was Axl and I got to reconnect. We're grown-ups, you know. There's been a lot of silliness. Lawyers and bulls**t, you know, lawyers like to create a situation so that their jobs go on. And I know that. But it was just nice to reconnect.
"We had a nice dinner and that was much more important to me than actually getting up and playing. But it was fun playing with those guys. There are some really good players in that band."