Rocker Duff Mckagan has taken aim at drug counsellor DR. Drew Pinsky's reality TV show Celebrity Rehab for exploiting stars in trouble.
The former Guns N' Roses star, who signed up for rehab in a bid to get sober, insists the treatment must be done behind closed doors - not on camera.
MCKagan, whose pal Mike Starr recently lost his battle with sobriety and died from an overdose after appearing on the show, tells, "I cringe, I think it's the worst thing for so-called sobriety: 'Hold on, we're having a breakthrough... Wait, we've gotta do make-up!'
"There's a reason it's (rehab) anonymous, because, if you fail (on the show), you're failing on camera. You're failing after you've been on this rehab show.
"Anonymous, you don't have to succeed all the time. You can fail, and you can still come back and nobody's gonna judge you. I wouldn't have wanted to try and get sober in a public forum. I don't think it's right... It's not cool."
MCKagan's former Guns N' Roses bandmate Steven Adler was also a former Celebrity Rehab castmate.