Duff Mckagan gets parenting advice from Alice Cooper.

The former Guns N' Roses star is touring with shock rocker Alice and says he looks to the 'Poison' star for advice on raising his girls, Grace and Mae, with his wife Susan Holmes.

Speaking at Gibson studios in London - where he staged a special impromptu show for five injured war veterans, arranged by charity Help for Heroes - he said: ''I've talked to Alice about parenting a lot on this tour, because his daughters are 31 and 19, and he's been giving me some great advice.

''I don't always tour with my wife and kids, my girls are now 15 and 12, its all girls in my house so it's nice to be like, 'I'm taking off for a little bit... Text ya!'

''I communicate with my daughters more when I'm gone because it's all texting. When I'm at home the door's shut I only see them at dinner. It's hard. I feel like I can get more across when I'm gone.''

One way in which Duff, 48, does get through to his kids is with music, having started teaching Grace and Mae to play guitar after they became interested in the instrument when he took them to see a Taylor Swift concert. They also like music from Duff's 80s heyday too.

''I listen to what my girls listen to and their friends, and a lot of them go back to bands my age, Dinosaur Jr. and Red Kross and cool stuff, and I don't want to tell them 'those are your dad's age guys'.''

Duff is currently touring with Alice Cooper's Halloween Night of Fear in the UK, after which he host the Classic Rock Roll of honour awards at London's Roundhouse venue on November 13.