Review of Once In The Night EP by Duels

Once In The Night EP
EP Review

Duels Once In The Night EP

Aah, Duels, the next big thing to come out of Leeds © every single music pundit from 2004, yours truly included.

So what went wrong then? Well for starters, they seemed to get stuck in that post-Kaisers rut that was always going to be difficult to avoid admittedly, and rather than concentrate on putting out their best songs seemed to have been advised – rather badly – to “fill the void” as it were while their better known associates from up the road are busy putting together their second album.

You see, whereas their early live performances sparkled, this single doesn’t really deliver anything other than a cold, wet mist that would be best left outside with the curtains drawn til sunlight sweeps it away. And that is a crying shame because Duels do have the potential to be so much more exciting, urgent and necessary than this.

Distinctly disappointing.

Dom Gourlay

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