Dudley Moore's son has accused the late actor of being a terrible father who was ultimately responsible for his drug addiction and homelessness.

PATRICK MOORE turned to narcotics in an bid to alleviate the painful loneliness he felt over his parents' neglect.

But despite the bad memories, Patrick has finally forgiven Dudley - who died two years ago (03) of a brain disease - having finally accepted the ARTHUR star was simply incapable of carrying out everyday paternal duties.

Dudley met Patrick's mother Tuesday Weld in 1974, and they quickly married - only to divorce six years later.

The 28-year-old says, "Growing up, I always had a lot of money and privilege, but I was a lonely kid and neither of my parents were around much.

"They were busy with their own problems, so I was abandoned and left pretty much to fend for myself. I took drugs to try and numb the pain."

Patrick, who stands at 1.83 metres (six feet), claims his diminutive father, who was 1.57 metres tall (five feet two inches), was jealous of his height. He continues, "He felt uncomfortable about it. He would flinch if I put my arm around him. He didn't like to be reminded of his size.

"My dad was a messed-up guy who didn't deal with his hang-ups, but I forgive him. He just wasn't suited to the role of being a father."

Patrick - who has had two spells in rehab - is trying to sober up for good before he turns 30 and inherits a chunk of his father's fortune.

10/01/2005 17:46