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Paris Becomes A Guess Girl

6th July 2004

Socialite PARIS HILTON has become a GUESS girl for a new clothing line. The hotel heiress-turned-reality TV star has joined the likes of DREW BARRYMORE, CLAUDIA SCHIFFER and NAOMI CAMPBELL, who have been past...

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Stars Praises Fahrenheit 9/11

10th June 2004

Hollywood turned out in force to support MICHAEL MOORE at a special screening of his controversial new documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 on Tuesday (08JUN04). Actors MARTIN SHEEN, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, ELLEN DEGENERES, DAVID DUCHOVNY, SHARON STONE,...

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Barrymore Batters Schnieder

20th February 2004

Comedian ROB SCHNEIDER cringes every time he remembers the beating DREW BARRYMORE gave him on the set of their new hit movie 50 FIRST DATES. During a scene in the romantic comedy - which...

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Original Charlie's Angels To Reteam

8th December 2003

The original CHARLIE'S ANGELS are planning to reunite for their own movie based on the classic TV series, in protest at being left out of DREW BARRYMORE's versions. Barrymore teamed up with CAMERON DIAZ...

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Spears Wants To Produce

24th October 2003

Pop star BRITNEY SPEARS has her eye on a new career - as a movie producer. The curvy babe, who is just preparing to release her comeback album IN THE ZONE, also wants to...

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Forgetful Blanchett Ditches Her Electric Address Book

16th October 2003

CATE BLANCHETT has given up on her electronic organiser because she could never remember her own codes for her famous friends. The Aussie actress was so paranoid about her organiser falling into the wrong...

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Drew Barrymore Delights Elisha Cuthbert

30th July 2003

ELISHA CUTHBERT was thrilled when a fan stopped her in the street to say she was "addicted" to her hit TV show 24 - because it was Hollywood babe DREW BARRYMORE. The blonde actress,...

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Jude Law Laps Up The Ladies At Hollywood Party

30th July 2003

Hunky actor JUDE LAW has been celebrating his new found status as a single man at a celebrity-packed party hosted by BLADE hunk STEPHEN DORFF. Jude acrimoniously split from actress wife SADIE FROST earlier...

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Drew Barrymore: 'Magical' Secret Weapon

25th June 2003

CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE director JOSEPH McGINTY had a secret weapon when it came to persuading stars to join the cast - the "magical vibe" of DREW BARRYMORE. Drew, who produced as well as...

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Courtney's Club

3rd June 2003

COURTNEY LOVE is part of an exclusive Hollywood gang of friends that includes A list stars GWYNETH PALTROW, ANGELINA JOLIE and JENNIFER LOPEZ and former lover EDWARD NORTON. The former HOLE frontwoman-turned-actress has...

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Aniston + Bloom Top Hot List

28th May 2003

JENNIFER ANISTON and LORD OF THE RINGS pin-up ORLANDO BLOOM are the hottest actors in Hollywood, according to a new Internet poll carried out by America's ELLE GIRL magazine. Aniston beat REESE WITHERSPOON and...

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