Following the tragedy of the death of her half-sister Jessica, actress Drew Barrymore has released a statement offering condolences.

It said "Although I only met her briefly, I wish her and her loved ones as much peace as possible and I'm so incredibly sorry for their loss.” Drew’s statement suggests that the half-sisters were estranged, but it expresses sorrow nonetheless.

Drew Barrymore half sister
Drew Barrymore, pictured here at the premiere of Blended, released a statement

Jessica’s immediate family has yet to release any public statement surrounding the death, but tributes and condolences have been offered to them via her brother John’s Facebook page.

Jessica’s body was discovered in her car on Tuesday morning by neighbour Marta Lopez in National City, which is between San Diego and Chula Vista. Another neighbour, Oscar Sandoval, told police that he had spotted the car in the same place at midnight on Monday, but had assumed that its occupant was waiting for somebody. It’s also apparent that Jessica had visited her mother on Monday morning.

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While a cause of death is unknown, the initial story by New York Daily News indicated that a number of white pills were discovered scattered around the car along with a drink. An autopsy to discover the official cause of death is yet to occur.

It’s very sad news for Drew at a time when she was so recently celebrating the birth of her second daughter Frankie. This year she has also starred in the comedy film Blended, her first movie role in two years and which saw her star alongside Adam Sandler for a third time.

Jessica Barrymore was the third child of Hollywood legend John Barrymore and his fourth wife Nina Wayne. Our thoughts are with Jessica’s loved ones at this time.