Drew Barrymore wants to hand down her make-up business to her daughter.

The actress-and-director recently released her first cosmetics line for Walmart stores and she is already talking about giving it to four-month-old Olive when she's older.

She told Into the Gloss: ''I really admire these multi-generational companies that you have in fashion and beauty, so I was like, 'I wonder if I'm building something like that, and that one day... could it ever be?' It was a nice driving force.''

Drew says the line, entitled Flower, has been inspired by the 90s, as she wanted to bring that look back.

She said: ''I had saved all of my old-school make-up - like from forever and ever and ever ago - and put it in bins, hoping that one day, maybe. And now, I get to break it all out. I get to curate a line that's full of the things that I loved the most from different lines, from over the years, things that were discontinued... or just thinking, 'What if this could actually be like this,' or if I could combine those two things into one.''