Drew Barrymore thinks working in the beauty business is ''empowering''.

The '50 First Dates' actress began developing her beauty range, Flower, when she was pregnant with her daughter Olive - who is now five months old - and she believes making other women feel beautiful is a wonderful and inspiring opportunity.

She explained to People magazine: ''I like working in a business and an industry that's so joyous and empowering to women, and all the positive messaging you can do with it tool.

''When you have such an opinion or a passion about how things could or should be done, and you have a chance to do it, that's exciting!''

''This is nice, because I get to go home at night to my family ... and it's very romantic. To think about what a woman wanted while I was feeling very womanly and growing a girl - it was the most perfect thing I could ever be doing in my life!''

Drew's cosmetics range - which boasts a whopping 181 products - is already expanding, but she revealed she has one fail-safe product which she couldn't live without.

She added: ''I'm really obsessed with the [Easy On The Eyes Long Wear] Eyeliner in Khaki Shimmer. It's a perfect smoky, khaki, yummy green that really brings a sparkle to your eye.''