Drew Barrymore loves her husband's laugh.

The 'Blended' star loves the sound art consultant Will Kopelman makes when he cracks up, so she goes out of her way to amuse him at every opportunity.

She said: ''I feel the sexiest when I make my husband laugh - he has this weird sound he makes. I go out of my way to dance, just to crack him up.''

The 39-year-old actress, who has 20-month-old daughter Olive and one-month-old baby Frankie with her husband, insists she's really embracing motherhood the second time around.

She added to Us Weekly magazine: ''Everything is as good as it could possibly be. I'm really happy, I can't hide it.''

The star also thinks family is all about those who give you a ''place in the world''.

She said: ''I appreciate that terms like 'modern family' and 'blended' have become familiar in the culture as ways to describe a pride in a family that doesn't look a certain way.

''I think that my family looks traditional from the outside, but I also know that I had kind of 'zero-point-zero' family growing up, and it was my friends that became my family and they gave me a sense of place in the world and they gave me tough love.''