Drew Barrymore admits she is sometimes ''fashion roadkill''.

The 40-year-old actress has slammed other actresses who complain about being questioned about their outfits on the red carpet and says if they don't like it they should not attend premieres.

She fumed: ''I mean, I am fashion roadkill sometimes but if you're like, 'Urrrgh, I don't wanna be treated like this or asked who I'm wearing', then don't go on the red carpet. It's easy! Sorry, I'm getting really mad now, but it's true.''

The 'Miss You Already' star continued her rant, saying that the whole point of attending VIP events is it being a fashion ''parade'' and the reason why men don't get asked about their clothes is because they all wear the same, a suit and tie, unless you are ''Johnny Depp''.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It is what it is. Why does anybody bother getting mad? It's just silly - it's a red carpet, it's a parade, it's about fashion. And the reason men don't get asked what they're wearing is because, unless you're Johnny Depp, it's all very similar: suits or bow ties.''