Hollywood actress, Drew Barrymore, was honoured at the 2nd annual 'Baby2Baby' gala at Book Bindery in Los Angeles last night (Nov 9th).

The 38 year-old received an award for her active participation with the non-profit charity that helps provide essentials for children up to age 12.

Barrymore was very privileged receiving recognition for her efforts and she spoke very highly of the organisation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she said, "I work really closely with them because I wish that there were organizations like Baby2Baby for so many more areas in life."

"I think good people are inherent givers and so to have a place where you can give so much and it's so local and so well organized and so perfect for mothers to share for mothers . I think this is the perfect organization for moms."

Barrymore also debuted her new baby bump at the ceremony with her husband, Will Kopelman. The announcement of her 2nd pregnancy only comes after she gave birth to her daughter, Olive, last year in September (2012).

The 'Charlie's Angels' star expressed her joy expecting a new child to People magazine, she said, "When I found out I was overjoyed. It always feels so surreal, it's incredible, I'm feeling] incredible, that 'Here we go again' feeling. And blessed. Blessed!"

Drew actress also gushed, "You're so lucky to get to do it. It's such a miracle. I just felt really lucky."

The gala also brought out other Hollywood moms such as Jessica Alba, who presented the award to Barrymore, Nicole Ritchie and 'Modern Family' actress Julie Bowen, plus many more.

Congratulations to Drew and her husband, Will.

Drew Barrymore
Barrymore with Husband, Will Kopelman, at the Baby2Baby gala