An extremely serious charge has been brought against rappers Drake and Future after a fan accused them of being partly responsible for an attack she allegedly suffered at the hands of one of the security guards when she was backstage at their Summer Sixteen tour last year. 

Drake snapped outside an Italian restaurantDrake snapped outside an Italian restaurant

Drake and Future are facing a lawsuit of $25 million in damages for negligence after they hired a security official for their Nashville show at the Bridgestone Arena who apparently went on to violently rape a female fan when he invited her backstage to meet the performers a year ago today (August 14th 2017).

While the victim, of course, remains anonymous, the attacker in question was identified as Leavy Johnson and later arrested for pushing the girl to the floor and 'violently assaulted and raped her, shattering her cell phone and causing severe physical and psychological injury'. This happened after he offered to bring her backstage to meet her musical heroes, but obviously no such meeting was arranged.

While Drake and Future were not, of course, aware of the incident at the time of its occurence, the victim is still believes that they are ultimately liable for hiring an employee of such criminal character especially given that he had a history of assault cases, and that they were responsible for the safety of their 15,000 fans at the event.

'Each and every one of the defendants was the agent of the others in the context of the event, and, as a result, each is responsible for the conduct of the others', the lawsuit, obtained by E! News, states.

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Neither entertainer has made a public comment on the lawsuit as of yet, and it remains unclear as to where this court case will go. Meanwhile, Leavy Johnson awaits trial for the accused sexual assault.